"The book "What Would Jesus Do? My Experience"

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In this book Mabel endeavors to explain the experience she went though while preparing to launch the theme;’ What Would Jesus Do?’ (WWJD) for term three Ntare School Scripture Union Fellowship, September 2010.

In an effort to explain the significance of the experience, she first gives a reflection of the story of Charles M. Sheldon as told in his book; ‘In His Steps.’ The book in which he develops a sermon whose unifying theme is; What would Jesus do? (WWJD), When facing moral decisions centering on poverty and deprivation. The principles of his life as given in his book unified by this question bring out the man’s social outlook and what he believed. The story brings home the realization that it is hard to live a Christ-like life given the temptations of modern society especially in this generation for some rich and privileged Christians.

The poor are ignored as they continue to ask the rich in many ways, What would Jesus do about us the poor? This continues to happen as it did with the tramp at Reverland Henry Maxwell’s door as he prepared the Sunday sermon, and more recently at the Twinamasiko’s gate with the sick pregnant young woman who died on arrival at the hospital. This happened while Mabel was preparing the Sunday sermon to launch the theme “What Would Jesus Do?”.

This book seeks to tickle the Christians of this generation to ask themselves the same question critically so as not to be like the Christians who realized their situation and said; “We have, unconsciously, lazily, selfishly, formally grown into a discipleship that Jesus himself would not acknowledge.”


Mabel Twinamasiko Rwanyabahija is currently a teacher at Ntare School where she is the Patron of the Scripture Union Fellowship in the School. She is a Pillar of the Church of Uganda, Ankole Diocese in All Saints Church Mbarara .She holds a Diploma in Education ( NTC –Kyambogo), and a Bachelors Degree (BED) of Makerere University Kampala. She was born the sixth child of the late Dorika and Asanansio Rwanyabahija of Kasherere Kabale District. She is married to Prof. Amos Twinamasiko. Together they have been co-ordinating the Ministry of Home Builders in Mbarara the last ten years (2011). They also do missions in schools and churches together. They are the founders of Community Christian Family Ministries. They have been blessed with four biological children, Joshua, Ruth, Jonathan and Joseph, a son-in-law Bronson, and a granddaughter Ashley.

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