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Girls Empowered To Serve (GETS) is the pioneer ministry of CCFM. CCFM is being implemented in phases, with the first phase as GETS.  This involves training female high school leavers in Christian ministry, character development and basic vocational skills like cookery, gardening, tailoring, computer literacy.  These skills will prepare them for life in higher institutions and also enable them to contribute to Christian witnessing more effectively.

The girls are contacted through elder Christians like patrons of Scripture Union and Christian head mistresses.  These are requested to identify Christian girls who have the potential to be trained and mentored to serve God.  They are informed and given time to think about it, pray and respond.

As they train there is time for practicals application of what they have studied.  This is done specifically in the villages targeted to be reached to help the poor and orphaned children through the church.  They preach the gospel, and help with some practical work like teaching and gardening.  Through this outreach the ministry will get to the poor people and through the church identify the ones to help with fees and scholastic materials while they stay in their homes or with their relatives but registered with CCFM. The project keeps a weekend program to teach them morals and the word of God.

Initially GETS is being run by volunteers from churches and other Christian organisations in Mbarara and beyond.  Later, full time staff shall be recruited, but volunteers and interns shall still contribute towards the cause. The girls stay at the directors' home in Ruharo, Mbarara where they have boarding facilities, training materials and books availed to them. Once the Community Center is built, the GETS shall move there.

The first intake of GETS was on 28th February with 4 girls, Naomi, Sarah, Dorcas and Victo who had just completed Senior 6 and were on long vacation waiting to go to university. Below is what they had to say after their time at CCFM.



Everything started in God always finds its purpose in him in the way we cannot understand. For many students long vacation, that is (for S.6) is always hard to face just because they become bored and suffer from what to do while away from school. But here is a secret “One who gets involved in Godly business like i did 9 months prove to be one week. Oh I want to see God given programmes like GETS grow so that the vacasits can really enjoy the 9 month + as I did.

Naomi Naomi
I thank God for my precious time of ‘Vacation and for great things he does in my life as a young Christian girl. Glory be to him for the time I have been in Mbarara under the GETS programme started by the Director Mrs & Dr Twinamasiko Amos. It was a blessing to me to be among the chosen few girls. During the time of the programme we were granted many precious opportunities as girls and I’m now “a future woman of integrity and with strength in Christianity through discipleship and evangelism as a study and other skills of life, Home management above all, living “a Christian purpose driven life” as one of the books used in the course. I’m sure God did great to me and he is still at work. I look forward to serving him as I get to campus and make more Disciples, “Go to one more for Jesus”
Appreciation to the Director GETS and the whole team she works with. Long live GETS programme
“Your work in the Lord is not in Vain”.
GETS programme has strengthened my spiritual life through bible study, Christian novels and the purpose driven life book. I have learnt to be a good role model to others and I would like to establish the same program in future so that I help other people as I have been helped.

After my S.6, I was wandering what next, because unless the mind is occupied by something developmental or profitable, a vacation of about 9 months to some extent may be dangerous to us as teenagers especially if one has not given his/her life to Christ or decided to live a “purpose driven life” but how can you live a purpose driven life if you have not known God?

Glory be to God because by vacation I was already born again and I am glad to have been considered in the GIRLS EMPOWERED TO SERVE PROGRAMME 9GETS) (Chosen generation of ladies for God) that targets vacacists, based in Mbarara under the ministry of Community Christian Family Ministries (C.C.F.M) where I have been mentored and empowered. In Discipleship & Evangelism and other skills like Computer cooking, Baking, personal grooming and general Home Management as “a mother of tomorrow”

About Us

The Community Christian Family Ministries (CCFM) is a non-profit making Christian organization registered in Uganda that started in February 2010.  It seeks to promote families by addressing various aspects of family life.  The scope of the project comes as a result of the overwhelming need that is noted in the community.

CCFM Objectives

• To provide guidance and counselling to couples, widows and widowers plus the youth.
• To support education of underprivileged children in the community.
• To train young women, in Christian Ministry, equipping them in discipleship, character and leadership

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